Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


When You Send A Valentine

When you send a valentine,
That's the time for fun,
Slip it underneath the door,
Ring the bell and run, run, run,
Ring the bell and run,

Have a bell and a letter with a valentine in it for a prop. While outside a child can act out the sneaking up to the door and pretending to push button. All the children must run to safety.

Bulletin Board

Valentine Telegrams
Need: butcher paper the size of your bulletin board, glue in shallow containers, small red, pink, and white tissue paper squares, pencils with erasers, special telegram paper (printable Valentine telegram).

Lay the paper on the floor. Depending on the size of your bulletin board, draw one huge heart or several very large ones on the paper. Have the glue, tissue paper squares, and pencils on the floor.

Have a child take a piece of tissue paper, lay it in front of him, put the pencil eraser in the middle of the paper, and form the tissue around the pencil. Dip the tissue in the glue and stick it on the edge of the heart. Let all of the children continue this process until the heart has a frame. When dry hang it up.

For several days let the children dictate (or write) Valentine messages on the special telegram paper. When each message is finished hang it inside the giant heart.


Shiny Valentine's

Add food coloring and glitter to the glue bottles. Children make decorations on the paper with the glue. It will make glittery and shiny designs.

Let the children use a variety of colors to achieve shiny valentine creations. You can sprinkle glitter along the edges or attach feathers and ribbons to each card for a really unique remembrances.

Classroom Valentine

Cut out one large paper heart. Have all the children help decorate and sign it. The valentine can be hung in the classroom or be given to a classroom friend. The classroom friend may be the janitor, center director, or principal.

Valentine Pouches
Need: collage materials, paper plates (some cut in half)

Give each child a paper plate and a half. Help the children staple the paper plate halves to the whole paper plates to make a pouch. Have the children decorate the note holders with various collage materials. Have the children write their names in bold letters across the tops of the plates. Hang the decorated note holders in the room. The note holders can be used to place Valentine cards in.

Learning Centers

Sensory Table


Mix dish soap, water, and red food coloring in the sensory table. Provide egg beaters for children to make bubbles.

Red & White

Add white cotton balls and red heart shape items (cookie cutters, spoons, erasers

Red Sand

Add red food coloring to salt to create red 'sand' for the sensory table.

White & Red

Add white craft pom poms and red craft pom poms to the table.


Valentine's Day Flowers

In the science area, place various flowers and magnifying glasses. The children can observe and explore the various parts of the flowers.

Valentine's Day Colors

Mixing red and white tempera paint, the children can make various shades of red or pink. Squeeze bottles one with white paint and one with red paint works great. Children can make small puddles and dots on construction paper. Fold the paper and open it to find pink colors on the paper.

Heart Seriation

Cut various sized hearts from pink, red, and white construction paper. The children can sequence the heart shapes from small to big or vice versa.

Dramatic Play Center

Card Shop

Stencils, paper, markers, scraps, stickers, etc., can be provided to make a card-making shop.


If You'll Be My Valentine
by Cynthia Rylant

Craptivating pictures and rhyming text, tells the story of a little boy creating and giving valentines to his family, pets, teddy bear. A sweet story.

Story Video

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