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Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Things to Know

The Federal Republic of Venezuela is the sixth largest country in South America.

Capital: Caracas
Caracas is located under the Avila, a
mountain that reaches 2600 meters (7800 ft.)

Flag of Venezuela

Venezuela is located on the northern coast of South America.



Monetary unit: bolivar

Languages: Spanish (official), various indigenous languages in the remote interior.
Religions: Roman Catholic 96%, Protestant 2%
Ethnicity/race: mestizo 67%( a person of mixed European and American Indian ancestry), white 21%, black 10%, Amerindian 2


Spectacled bears are medium-sized by bear standards, but they are the second-largest land mammals in South America.

The bush dog is a small and stocky dog that looks like a terrier. The Tiger Cat also known as the Little Spotted Cat. The Margay , also known as the Long Tailed Spotted Cat.


Because of its proximity to the Equator, Venezuela experiences few climatic variations. There are really only two seasons: dry and wet. The dry season lasts from December to April, the wet one from May to November. The average temperature is about 27C, but cooler temperatures prevail at higher elevations.


In the west:

The Venezuelan Andes , 400km long and 50-100km wide, begin in Barquisimeto and run through the states of Trujillo, Mérida and Táchira before reaching the Colombian border.

Trujillo a small called "The Portable City" for having changed its location several times, is the door to the Andean region.

In the east:

The eastern region of Venezuela consist of beaches, interesting towns and villages.

Angel Falls

In the south-east is the Gran Sabana plateau , with its strange flat-topped mountains. The Gran Sabana is the larger part of the immense Canaima National Park . Situated on the Guayana Plateau, to the South East of Venezuela, it is one of the oldest geological rock formations in the world.

Highest Waterfall: Angel Falls is the world's highest and longest uninterrupted waterfall, with a height of 979 m (3,211 ft).





In the north:

White-sand beaches fringed with coconut palms line the Caribbean coast.


National tree- Araguaney
National flower- Orchid


Christopher Columbus first sighted Venezuela during histhird voyage to the New World.

Fun Facts

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