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Water Fun

*Inside Water Fun

*Water Charades

Print the picture cards of different activities and things you can do in or with water. Sitting in a group, have one child draw a card and without showing it to anyone, act out the water activity on the card. First child who guesss' the activity draws the next card.

Print water charade game cards.
Water charade cards 1-9
Water charade cards 10-20

Note: If printing shows through the back of your copy paper. After printing glue the copy paper onto construction paper before cutting the cards apart.

*Water Ball

Fill two empty 2-liter soft drink bottles with water. Place them at one end of the water table. Tie a length of string or yarn to the tops of the bottles to resemble a goal line. Let the children blow through straws to propel a plastic ball under the goal line.

*Wave Machine

Need: empty plastic pop bottles (16 oz.), vegetable oil, water, food coloring, masking tape.

Fill the bottle 2/3 full with water. Add a couple of drops of food coloring and mix. If the children mix the food coloring to create colors you may need to pour out some of the colored water and add clear water to lighten the color.

Fill up the rest of the bottle with vegetable oil. Secure the lid tightly. Tape masking tape around the lid. Warn children not to take off the lid as oil is extremely hard to clean up!

Have the children hold the bottle sideways and gently tip it, creating delightful wave actions.

*Outside Water Fun

*Body Painting

Need: water paints, tempera paints, and/or fingerpaints.

Have everyone put on his or her bathing suit. Using water paints, tempera paints and fingerpaints have children draw shapes or pictures on their body's. The children can take turns drawing shapes on their friends.

After the children have covered as much skin as possible, get out the hose and sprinkler (and sponges), and wash their "canvas" clean.

If a camera is available take a few photos of the human masterpieces.

*Bucket Brigade

Children remove shoes and socks then form two teams. Each team forms a line. Two buckets for each team. Place a empty bucket at one end of the line and a full bucket of water at the other end of the line.

Each child has a empty cup. The children pass the water from the full bucket to the empty bucket by passing the water down the line from cup to cup When all the water has been transferred the team with the most water in its bucket wins!

*Bucket Toss

Line up 5 buckets with water in them (first bucket close and the fifth bucket would be farthest). Mark a baseline.

Child stands at the baseline and tosses a small ball into the buckets of water. The ball must land in the buckets in numerical order (first bucket, second bucket etc.).

If a ball lands in a bucket out of numerical order then the child's turn is over. The child who tosses the ball into the buckets in order wins!

*Splatter Paintings

Have children paint designs on construction paper with different colors of tempera paint. While the paintings are still wet, take them outside and lay them flat on the sidewalk. Let the children splatter water on their paintings with spray bottles. Have the children watch as the colors on their paintings run and mix together.

*Water Balloon Toss

Need: water balloons

Pair off children and have them face their partner. Everytime the balloon is caught the child that caught the balloon takes a step back. When they miss they usually get splattered with cool water.

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