The Spiders Surprise Story

The Spiders Surprise Story

The Spiders Surprise

A German Folktale

The Spiders Surprise animals

At one time in Germany, the animals were allowed at Christmas time to come into the homes and view the Christmas tree. It was felt that because the Christ child was born in a stable that the animals should be part of the Christmas celebrations.

Spider Web

But the women would never let the spiders come inside because they did not want cobwebs all over their homes. The spiders were very sad about this so one year they complained to the Christ child.

Spider Web

The Christ child felt sorry for the spiders. So late one night He let them into the houses to see the Christmas trees. The spiders loved the trees. All night long the spiders danced in the branches of the trees leaving them covered with cobwebs.

Christmas Tree with tinsel

In the morning the women saw what the spiders had done. But instead of being angry, they were thrilled. For during the night the Christ child had turned the cobwebs into sparkling tinsel!


The Spiders Surprise Printable and Color Page
The Spiders Surprise printable with color page.


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