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Children's books, music, and dvd reviews

Kim Maerkl: Amati's Dream
Kim Maerkl (author/composer), Sir Roger Moore (narrator), Key-Thomas Maerkl (Violin)

Go back in time and be drawn into the world of 17th-century Italy and the shop of the great violin maker Nicolo Amati and his apprentice Raphael. Raphael is learning the luthier's trade and secretly dreams of being a violinist. A captivating story and music that wonderfully expresses the emotions of the story. An exceptional CD and absolutely gorgeous!

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Hibernation Theme

Hibernation Theme Folder

33 pages of hibernation learning fun. Information about animals that hibernate, which animals hibernate, and why animals hibernate. Grade 1.

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Dinosaurs Activity Theme

50 pages of dinosaur learning fun for grades pre-1.

Includes mini books "One Friendly Dinosaur" and "Colorful Dinosaurs".

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Thanksgiving Alphabet Mini Book. Half-sheets. Print and reproduce for students to put together. Each page contains a picture to color and sentence to copy. Example: M is for Mayflower. Ages: Pre-1

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