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Ladybugs are beetles.


Five Little Ladybugs

Five little ladybugs climbing up a door
One flew away then there were four
Four little ladybugs sitting on a tree
One flew away then there were three
Three Little ladybugs landed on a shoe

One flew away then there were two
Two little ladybugs looking for some fun
One flew away and then there was one
One little ladybug sitting in the sun
She flew away and then there were none

Ladybug Ladybug
Ladybug Ladybug Rhyme
(to print and color)


Ladybug Paper Plate Puppet
Need: black & red construction paper, 2 paper plates per child

Cut out 6 strips out of the black construction paper for the ladybug's legs. Place the paper plates together (eating side together). Glue or staple the 2 paper plates together; leave the end (bottom) part of the plates unstapled. This is were your hand will go. Were the plates are not stapled together cut straight across. You should have an oval shape that is flat on the end.

Children can paint or color the ladybug red with black dots. Glue on the black strips, three on each side, for the legs. Punch two holes at the top and thread a pipe cleaner through for the antenna. One cute ladybug puppet.


Ladybugs - Creative Math
One-to-One Correspondence

Wtite a number at the top of drawing paper. Children draw corresponding number of ladybugs on the drawing paper. Children can add more details to their paper: birds, clouds, grass, trees, grass, a sun...

Learning Centers

Sensory Table

Place grass (Easter) in the sand table. Add plastic bugs and handheld magnifiers for the children explore the grass with.


Ladybug Salad
Need: cheerios, apple, peanut butter, raisins

Wash and pat dry the apples. Cut the apple in half and remove the core. Cut in half again lengthwise. Spread peanut butter between the apple slices of the apple. Using peanut butter stick raisins top (skin side), stick on raisin feet. Cut a grapes in two and skick on with peanut butter as the head.


Lady Bug Game

Cut out red lady bugs and put different numbers of dots on their backs. Then cut out large leaves with numbers on them. Children can match the dots to the numbers.

Pass out a leaf or a ladybug to each child and they have to find the match. Have the leaves sit down and and say "Ladybug, Ladybug, fly away home!" at which time the lady bugs would "fly" around the room and find their leaf homes.

Next time, switch and let the children with leaves be the ladybugs.


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