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Signs of Spring
(tune: "The Muffin Man"

Do you see a sign of spring,
A sign of spring, a sign of spring?
Do you see a sign of spring?
Tell us what you see.


"I'll need--for April's thirty days."
Said little Isabella,
"Waterproof coat!
And a big um-b-rella!"

April rain girl dog umbrella

April color page


Spring Collage

Cut out pictures from magazines that relate to spring time and glue on construction paper. Some spring items: grass, flowers, butterfly, tree with leaves budding out, baby animals, insects, Easter eggs.


Construction Paper
Have children decorate a sheet of construction paper. Roll into a large tube and staple. Glue tissue paper or streamers to the bottom.

Paper Bag
Cut the bottom off a paper bag. Have children decorate the bag. Punch four holes in the top area about a 1/2 inch from the top, add the string to hang the windsock; knot the string together. Can add reinforcement circles. Glue tissue paper or crepe paper streamers around the bottom.

You can have the children decorate about 1/4 of the paper bag. Cut up from the bottom to just below the design to create strips.

Fine Motor

Shaving Creme Clouds

Cover the table with a blue shower curtain or blue plastic tablecloth. Place shaving creme on the table and have the children make clouds on a blue sky.

Learning Centers

Car Wash

On a water play warm day let the children wash cars (wheeled toys) outside. Provide buckets of mild soap and sponges or rags for washing. Provide a hose to rinse the wheeled toys off. If no hose is available bring out buckets of clear water and dump them over the wheeled toys to rinse the soap off.

Spring Cleaning

Spend some time one day spring cleaning and ask the children to join you. Have available for the children: dust mops, rags, washcloths, water, soapy water, feather duster, brooms.

This Is The Way We Clean
(Tune: "Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush"

This is the way we clean our room,
Clean our room, clean our room,
This is the way we clean our room,
Until it's spic and span!

This is the way we sweep our floors...

Online Spring Jigsaw Puzzles


Sites to See

My Spring Time Coloring Book from Bry-Back Manor.
Spring time color pages to print and color.

Color by Number Flowers

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