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Ant Hill

Ant Hill Once I saw an ant hill with no ants about. (hold out fist)
So I said, "Dear little ants, won't you come out?" (shrug shoulders)
Then, as if the little ants had heard my call,
One, two, three, four, five come out? (as numbers are called, fingers are extended)
And that was all! (close fingers into fist)

(Tune: "Oh My Darling")

It's an insect not a spider
it has 6 legs instead of 8
3 on this side 3 on that side
and it's crawling on your plate.

Ant Poem

Illustrate the song "Ant".



Cut out three circles and have the children color them brown. Draw a face on one of the circles. Put the ant together on a piece of construction paper. Add two antennae and six legs cut from black construction paper.


A is for Ant (pdf)

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