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Caterpillars and Butterflies

Caterpillars and Butterflies



Fuzzy Wuzzy Caterpillar

Fuzzy wuzzy caterpillar
Into a corner will creep (children may creep)
He'll spin himself a blanket
And then go fast asleep (children curl up)

Fuzzy wuzzy caterpillar
Wakes up by and by (children awaken and dance about)
To find he has wings of beauty,
Changed to a butterfly.

Caterpillar Eating


Egg Carton Caterpillar

Cut egg carton in half. So that each child has a row of about six humps. Have them paint each hump and use pipe cleaner for antennaes. You should then have a nice looking caterpillar!
Contributed By: Maria

Pattern Caterpillars
Need: circles from construction paper

Cut a large number of circles from black and orange construction paper. Have the children create caterpillars by gluing the circles together in a line, alternating colors to form patterns. Can add circle stickers for eyes and construction paper antennae.

Very Hungry Caterpillar-Tissue College


Eat, Eat, Eat!
Need: packing foam squiggles, markers, green construction paper, tape, scissors

Cut out one large leaf for each child. Children decorate packing foam caterpillars with markers. Each child can tape a caterpillar to a leaf, and then cut or tear their leaves to show where the caterpillars have been eating. Or use a square of green construction paper that children tear and place on the leaf to show the caterpillar eating.

Spotted Caterpillars
Need: packing foam squiggles, die, markers.

Draw dots on squiggles to correspond with dots on the die. Children roll die and locate a caterpillar (squiggle) that has the same number of dots. That caterpillar is removed from the group. Play continues until all caterpillars are chosen.


Melon Ball Caterpillars
Need: melon balls and lettuce leaf.

To make each caterpillar place 3 melon balls on a lettuce leaf. Can add raisins for eyes.

Very Hungry Caterpillar Story Patterns (pdf)

Poor Caterpillar connect the dots #1-20

Help the Caterpillar Maze

Cc caterpillar color page


Caterpillar Shoes
Caterpillar Shoes (color shoes to match its label)




Roly-poly Caterpillar

Roly-poly caterpillar Wiggle right pointer finger.
Into a corner crept, Right pointer in left cupped hand.
Spun around himself a blanket, Spin around.
Then for a long time slept. Place head on folded hands.
Roly-poly caterpillar Wiggle right pointer finger.
Wakened by-and-by, Stretch right pointer finger.
Found himself with beautiful wings,
Changed into a butterfly! Flutter hand like butterfly.


Coffee Filter Butterflies

Set out small containers of water with different colors of food coloring added.

Lay coffee filters flat. With eyedroppers have children drip different colors on each filter (not too wet!) Let the filters dry overnight.

When the coffee filters are dry gather the coffee filter in the middle and clip it into the clothespin. Spread the wings out and you have a colorful butterfly.

Learning Centers

Cut easel paper in the shape of butterfly wings. Paint as usual.


Nector Juice

Cut out flower shapes from construction paper that will cover the top of paper cups. Fill the cups with fruit juice, then insert a straw into the middle of the paper flowers and let children drink “nector” from the flowers.

Group Time


Have children pretend to be caterpillars and crawl into their cocoons (a blanket draped between chairs). Then when the children come out they are beautiful butterflies!

Play some butterfly music such as Vivaldi's Spring for the children to dance to while they are butterflies.

Butterfly Life Cycle

Which Butterfly Is Different (worksheet)

Butterfly connect the dots (A-Z)

Butterflies Life cycle worksheet
Place the circle of the butterflies life stages on the butterfly.

Five Butterflies Fingerplay with finger puppets


As Charlie the Caterpillar meets one group of animals after another playing together and having fun, he asks if he can join in. But each time he's told not welcome -- because he's ugly. As winter approaches, Charlie spins himself a cocoon. When spring arrives, the cocoon opens and out comes Charlie -- now a beautiful butterfly. Everyone wants him to be part of their group. But Charlie puts these fair-weather friends properly in their place in this heartwarming story about the meaning of true friendship.



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