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Bees That Buzz

At my elbows and knees --
No sir, I'm not
Fond of these.

But bees that buzz
Near flowers and stem,
Making honey --
I like them.


Need: yellow balloons(1 per child), yellow cellophane, black marker, string, tape

Blow up 1 balloon for each child, have them draw face and stripes on the balloon. Cut wings out of cellophane and tape onto the balloons. Tie a string on and take outside. When they run in the wind the bees fly. Very cute and lots of fun on a spring or summer day.
Contributed by: Lori Coutley



To demonstrate how bees help flowers to grow, sprinkle baby powder on the ground outside. Ask the children to walk through it. The baby powder will inevitably stick to their feet and get transferred around. Explain that this is what happens to bees, their feet and legs pick up the pollen and take it to other flowers.

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