Merry Christmas


Art Project Christmas gift tags

Quick and easy Christmas gift tag ideas:

1. Father Christmas – potato print
When dry draw in features
2. Robin / bird – finger prints
When dry draw in features

This is one children can do on their own and add their own “stamp” of distinction. Contributed by: Meg

Paper Chain Tree
Need: red and green construction paper

Cut strips of red and green construction paper. Have children glue or staple together; one red, one green etc. Place the paper chain on the bulletin board. Start at the bottom of the bulletin board. Each new row added is shorter than the last row. Makes a wonderful bulletin board tree. Contributed by Wendy Alexander

Handprint Christmas Tree

Cut a large triangle out of butcher paper. Let the children dip their hands in tempera paint to fill the triangle with handprints.

Tree and ornaments

Have older children paint a large Xmas tree on paper. While they are painting have other children use variety of construction paper and wallpaper to create tree ornaments.

Graham Cracker House

Graham Cracker House Craft

Need: Packages of graham crackers, frosting, trims (raisins, nuts, candies, small marshmallows, red hots), 1/2 pint sized milt containers(size that comes with child's school lunch). Styrofoam plates or heavy paper plates.

Glue the milk carton onto the Styrofoam plate. Use the milk carton as the base, the frosting as glue, and graham crackers as the walls and top.

Have children place frosting on the sides and top of the milk carton. Stick graham crackers to the sides of the milk carton for walls. Place two graham crackers on top for the roof. Frost the crackers on the milk carton and decorate with trims.

It is best to put all glue bottles away as some children may use them to glue the candy trim onto the graham cracker house.

Can add cotton balls and a frosting sidewalk(outline with candy trims) on the plates.

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