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Kingdom of the Netherlands
Unofficially known as Holland
Constitutional Monarchy
Head of State:
King Willem-Alexander van Oranje-Nassau

Located in north-western Europe.

Capital: Amsterdam

 Map of the Netherlands

Flag of the Netherlands
Contains a printable quiz.

Primary language is Dutch, with Frisian spoken only in Friesland. English is the official second language.


The Netherlands marshes and wetlands are major migration stops for European birds; birds of the Netherlands pictures. Small animals such as rabbits and muskrats are found in the countryside. Larger animals are mainly found in the national parks and reserves.

A variety of fish live in the canals and estuaries. An interesting species that is common in the canals is the eel.


Dirk Hartog
Dutch explorer who visited the Australian coastline in 1616.


Wet with cool summers and mild winters


The Netherlands is Europe's most densely populated country.
The land is mostly a flat and soggy bog with reclaimed land (polder) from the sea that is protected by dykes. In the southeast you will you find hills.

Much of the non-developed land is covered by grass, which is used for grazing.


Rembrandt (17th century)
One of the most celebrated artists in history.

Vincent van Gogh (19th century)--The Life and History Of Vincent van Gogh
One of modern art's most appreciated artists.


Hul Gul
A dutch children's game played with buttons.
Each child will need 10 buttons or any small items that can be held in one hand (dry beans, coins, pebbles). A small bag.

Each player receives 10 small items. You can give each child a bag to hold his game items in.
The first player puts some his game items in one closed hand, then he holds out his fist toward another player who says "Hul Gul." (What’s in your hand?)
The first player answers "Hands full"

The second player guesses how many of the 10 game items the first player is holding in his fist. If the second player guesses to many he must give the first player some of his items to equal his guess. (ex. 1st player has 4 buttons, 2nd player guessed 6 buttons. 2nd player will give the 1st player 2 buttons). If the second player guesses too low he will have to give half of his game items to the first player. When one of the players runs out of game pieces the game ends. The player with the most game items wins.


NGA Kids-Dutch House
An interactive dollhouse that was inspired by 17th-century Dutch paintings by artist such as Johannes Veermeer, Pieter de Hooch, Jan Steen, and Gerard ter Borch.


The Lady of Stavoren
A Dutch Legend

The Flying Dutchman
Read about this legend

Short history of the Netherlands.

Windmills of The Netherlands

Color Pages

Netherlands Flag

Starry Night


Room at Arles

Tulips color page

Tulips: Color by Number

Dutch and Flemish Artists color pages
(Van Gogh, Mondrian, Hals, Leyster, Vermeer)


Dutch (Netherlands) Friends
Print the templates to create a Dutch Friend of your
favorite character.


Netherlands Flag



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