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North Dakota

39th State (November 2, 1889), the midwest U.S.

Flag of the State
of North Dakota


State Abbreviation: ND

Nickname: Peace Garden State, Flickertail State, Roughrider State

Origin of Name: From the Dakota or Sioux tribe, meaning "allies" or "friends".

North Dakota State:

North Dakota State Symbols
Motto: Liberty and union, now and forever: one and inseparable
North Dakota State Seal
Beverage: Milk
Bird: Western Meadowlark
Dance: Square Dance
Fish: Northern Pike
Flower: Wild Prairie Rose
Fossil: Teredo Petrified Wood
Grass: Western Wheatgrass
Honorary Equine: Nokota Horse
Song: North Dakota Hymn
Tree: American Elm

Things to Know

Writing Rock , twelve miles northeast of Grenora, is a large glacial boulder covered with Indian pictographs.

The geographic center of North America is near the town of Rugby, North Dakota.

One of North Dakota's nicknames is the Peace Garden State. This nickname honors the International Peace Garden.

Dakota is most often called the Flickertail State, because of the many Richardson ground squirrels that are abundant in North Dakota.

Land regions. North Dakota has three major land regions: in the east the flat Red River Valley and the rolling drift prairie and in the west the Missouri plateau of the Great Plains .

North Dakota's top industry is agriculture (farming).

North Dakota is one of the largest producers of crude petroleum in the nation.

Major rivers: James River, Missouri River, Red River

Famous North Dakotans

Sakakawea (1784-1884?), Shoshone Indian woman who, with her husband Toussaint Charbonneau, served as interpreter and guide for the Lewis & Clark Expedition.

Things to Do

North Dakota State Bird and State Flower Printable Color Page.
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Camping With the Sioux: Fieldwork Diary of Alice Cunningham Fletcher

Alice Fletcher (1834-1923) was America's first woman anthropologist and a pioneer in the study of Native American culture and society. In 1881 she traveled to the Dakota Territory where she lived with Sioux women and recorded their way of life. Includes a photo gallery and a few Sioux folktales. Read her diary online.

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