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New Hampshire

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9th State (June 21, 1788), New England U.S.

State Abbreviation: NH

Capital: Concord

Origin of name: From the English county of Hampshire.

Motto: Live Free or Die

Nickname: The Granite State

New Hampshire State Symbols

New Hampshire: State Seal

Amphibian: Red Spotted Newt

Animal: White-tail Deer

Bird: Purple Finch

Dog: Chinook

Flower: Purple Lilac

Gem Smokey Quartz

Insect: The Ladybug

New Hampshire State Symbols

Mineral: Beryl

Rock: Granite

Song: Old New Hampshire (official). New Hampshire has one official song and eight honorary songs

Sport: Skiing

Tree: White Birch

Wildflower: Pink Lady's Slipper

Things to Know

The Old Man of the Mountain
Information on how it was formed. View before and after pictures of the collapse of the Old Man of the Mountain.

Mount Washington
The highest peak in New England.

Mount Washington New Hampshire
Mt. Washington

Isles of Shoals
An archipelago consisting of nine small islands, lie off the coast of New Hampshire and Maine.

Major Rivers: Androscoggin River Connecticut River (the largest river in New England), Merrimack River.

Concord Coach

The Concord coach was an American stagecoach manufactured in Concord, NH by the Abbot-Downing company. The first Concord Coach was built in 1827. The Concord Coach famous for its use in the American West.

Read the history of the Concord Coaches.

New Hampshire Famous Coach and the Abbot-Downing company

Concord Stagecoach 1869
Concord stagecoach in the American West, ca. 1869.

Famous New Hampshirites

Franklin Pierce (1804-1869), 14th President
Printable fact sheet on President Franklin Pierce provides you with photos and personal information.

Daniel Webster (1782 - 1852)
A farmer's son who became a lawyer, an orator, and secretary of state, he became his era's foremost advocate of American nationalism.

Robert Frost (1874-1963), Pulitzer Prize winning American poet

Alan Shepard Jr. (1923-1998), Astronaut
First American to travel in space, 1961. He was also the 5th astronaut to land on the moon.

Bode Miller (1977-)
Bode is known for his independent spirit and unorthodox skiing style. The first American in 22 years to win the overall World Cup title.

Things to Do

Sites to See

New Hampshire Just For Kids
The official New Hampshire state page for children.

New Hampshire State Quarter
Read about the New Hmpshire State Quarter and print ut the color page.

Isles of Shoals
Did Blackbeard bury his treasure on the Isles of Shoals?

Home of Uncle Sam
Theory of who Uncle Sam was named after.

New Hampshire State flag color page

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