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Number Tree

Activities for young children to learn their numbers.

Number Book 1 to 10

Our Number Book 1 to 10
Rhymes with numbers 1 to 10 to print and color.

Number 0


Use self-stick reinforcement circles. Children attach the circles to their paper to represent zeros.



I Can Count

You put one finger up
You put one finger down
You put one finger up
And you shake it all around
You give it a shakey-shakey
And you turn it all about
That's how you learn to count!
(continue singing about as many number as desired)

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

One, two buckle my shoe,
Three, four shut the door,
Five, six pick up sticks,
Seven, eight lay them straight,
Nine, ten a big fat hen.

This Old Man

This old man, he played one,
He played nick-nack on my drum.
With a nick-nack, paddy-whack,
Give a dog a bone
This old man came rolling home.

Two...nick-nack on my shoe. Three...nick-nack on my knee.
Four...nick-nack on my door. Five...nick-nack on my hide.
Six...nick-nack on some sticks. Seven...up to heaven. my gate. Nine...on my spine.

This old man, he played ten.
He played nick-nack once again.

Learning to Count

One, two, three, and four
(touch the tip of each finger of the right hand with the index finger of the left hand)
I can count even more.
Five, six, seven, eight.
(touch the tip of each finger of the left hand with the index finger of the right hand)
My lady fingers stand up straight.
(hold up eight fingers with thumbs against palms)
Nine and ten
Are my two thumb men. (hold up thumbs; fingers curled.)

Number 10

Ten In A Bed
Need: Construction paper, markers, craft sticks

Cut and fold upward the constrution paper to make a bed to stick the craft sticks in. Staple or tape. Have children draw faces on the craft sticks and line them up in the paper bed.

Sing the song Ten in a Bed (lyrics).


Tracing feet and Counting Toes
Need: Construction Paper, crayons, pencils

Take one construction paper and trace both of your feet, and then draw in the details needed to make your feet look more realistic, then put the numbers 1-10 on your toe knuckles.
Contributed By: Natasha

Book Review

Crown Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 978-1101933787

Goodnight, Numbers
by Danica McKellar

A gentle introduction to mathematics that will build number sense. Each number (1-10) is represented on a double-page spread with pretty art and numbers in numerical and written form. Each double-page includes a variety of objects to practice counting. On the wall also is a picture that is a ten frame with objects to count. The author includs at the back of the book tips which will help the reader get the most out of Goodnight, Numbers.

A wonderful book on early numeracy with gorgeous illustration - a great book for young children.

Learning Centers

Sensory Table

Add to the sensory table colored water and a variety of measuring tools.

Group Times

Numbers Scramble

Make number necklaces (1-5). Have children wear a number necklace and sit in chairs in a circle. Call out a number. All the children wearing that number change places.

Counting Off (1-10) Game
Need: cards with the number 1-10 on each card.

Have children stand in a circle and count off to the pre-selected number (draw number from cards).

The child who says the last number in the sequence sits down. The next child begins with one and the last child in the sequence sits down again, etc.

The children go around the circle, skipping over those sitting down. At last there will be only one child standing. He/she draws the card for the next game.

Number chains

Cut enough paper strips to make a number chain for the days of the month. During group time each day, add a link to represent the passage of time.

Follow the Teacher

At group time, provide the directions containing a number. For example, 1 jump, 2 hops, 3 leaps, 4 tiptoe steps, etc.

Hop and Count

While outside, have child hop in place and count while s/he hops. How many hops did each child make hopping on both feet? Have each child hop on his/her right foot. Count together. How many hops were made? Do the other foot and count together. Ask each child which foot s/he hopped less.

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