Summer Olympic Games & Rules -- School-age

Summer Olympic Games & Rules

Olympics Laurel Wreath

Summer Olympics

Shot-Put For Distance
Need: aluminum foil

Make a ball out of aluminum foil. Hold the ball in the palm of one hand. Place that hand next to your ear. Push the shot into the air extending your arms. Do not move your feet. Record distances. The longest distance wins.

Balance Beam

A backyard balance beam can be made easily. Take a 4x4 lumber (sand to remove any splinters) and 2 cinder blocks.

An improvised balance beam

Hammer Throw
Need: small paper bag, newspaper, string

Stuff a small paper bag with newspaper. Tie it off with a 12" long string. Hold the end of the string. Spin around 3 times. Let go. Watch how far the hammer travels. Record distances. The longest distance wins.

Cracker And Whistle Race
Need: soda crackers

Take one soda cracker each. Start the race all together. Eat the cracker. Be the first to whistle a tune. The first player to whistle clearly after eating a cracker wins.

Javelin Throw
Need: soda straws, waste paper basket, tape

Tape 4 straws together end to end. Mark a starting line behind which all players must stand. Place a wastepaper basket 5 feet from the starting line. Throw straws into the wastebasket. Give each player 5 turns. The winner is the member who gets the straws into the basket the most times.

Balloon Hover

Form teams of 5 or less children. Give each child a different colored balloon or have children use markers to differentiate the balloons. Hit or kick a balloon into the air. If the balloon touches the ground or a child holds onto it they are out. Winner is the one that kept their balloon up the longest.

Balloon Vollyball
If you use yarn or rope tie some crepe paper streamers on it.

Olymics Party
Several fun outdoor activities to create a fun Olympic event for children.

Discus Throw
Need: tape, foam plates

Tape two heavy foam plates together. Hold the "discus" like a flying disk. Throw away from your waist. Record distances. The longest distance wins.

100 Inch Dash
Need: yard stick, tape

Measure out 100" on the floor or field. Mark a start and finish line with tape. Start the race at the signal. Try to reach the finis line. Move your feet only one inch at a time. Take tiny baby steps. The winner crosses the finish line first.

Pop A Bag Race
Need: paper bags

Give each member a small paper bag. Start on the signal. Race to a marker. Blow up your bag. Pop it with your hands and race back to the line. The first player to pop his/her bag and return tot he line is the winner.

Standing Broad Stretch
Need: tape

Mark a starting line with tape. Start with your toes behind the line. Take one giant step. Measure the step. The winner takes the biggest step.

Shoe Race
Need: shoes with laces

Take off one shoe. Put it into a pile. Make a starting line across the yard. Run to the pile of shoes. Put on your shoe and tie the lace. Then run back to the finish line. The winner is the first one back to the finish line with shoes on and tied.

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