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Olympic torch rings

Rio summer Olympics (August 5 - 21)


Olympic Flag Colors and Symbols

The white background symbolizes peace. The five interlocking rings represent the continents of Africa, Australia, Europe, The Americas, and Asia. The five colors of the rings are blue, yellow, black, green, and red. At least one of these colors appears in the flag of every nation.

Color The Continents

Olympic Games Mascot
Need: assorted art materials (such as: styrofoam shapes, pipe cleaners, goggle eyes, paint, confetti, spangles, etc...)

With the children make a list of the qualities a mascot should have.
Olympic Mascots - teacher material
History of Olympic mascots

Have children design and make Olympic mascots. Make your character so it has all of the qualities of an Olympic mascot. Use a variety of are materials to make the mascots unique. Give the mascot a name. Display the mascots in your room.

Games Medals
Need: cardboard, hole punch, foil or paint (gold, silver, bronze), ribbon or yarn.

Cut discs out of cardboard. Cover the discs with foil or paint them. Punch a hole near the edge of each disc using a hole punch. Cut lengths of ribbon or yarn(24"). Then string the yarn or ribbon through the hole in the medals and tie to close.

Gross Motor

Olympic Games

Plan an Olympic games for the children to participate in.
Post the rules of the games and review the rules with the children.
Plan who is to do what job.
Place signs where events are located.
Have stop watches, tape measures, and whistles for the game officials.
Have an opening and closing ceremony.
Pass out medals, certificates, and prizes at the closing ceremony.
Provide refreshments.

Summer Olympic Games for Children

Balloon Vollyball
If you use yarn or rope tie some crepe paper streamers on it.

Balloon Hover

Form teams of 5 or less children. Give each child a different colored balloon or have children use markers to differentiate the balloons. Hit or kick a balloon into the air. If the balloon touches the ground or a child holds onto it they are out. Winner is the one that kept their balloon up the longest.

Olymics Party
Several fun outdoor activities to create a fun Olympic event for children.

Get Fit

Print out the "Get Fit Chart" below and have each child write his/her name on it. Have the children sit on the floor and take some deep breaths. Have the children take their pulse by placing their first 2 fingers on the inside of their wrist.

Watch the clock for 20 seconds. The children count the number of times they feel their pulse for 20 seconds. Multiply the number of beats counted for 20 seconds by 3. This will give you a pulse for 1 minute. Write the number on the chart under "Resting" column. It should be between 50 and 100.

Children walk around the room at a fast pace for 1 minute. Then the children take their pulse for 20 seconds. Multiply the number by 3 and record in the "Walking" column of the chart. The number should be between 90 and 120.

Children run in place as fast as they can for 1 minute. Then have the children take their pulse for 20 seconds. Multiply the number by 3 and record in the "Running" column of the chart. The number should be between 160 and 220.

Now have the children decide which is best for their heart (sitting, walking, running).

Print the Get Fit Chart


Laurel or Olive Leaf Crown
Laurel Wreath

Olympic Rings
Use paper cups, lids, or empty toilet paper rolls.
Olympic Rings Art

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