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Grandmother's Glasses

These are grandmother's glasses
(make glasses over eyes)
This is grandmother's cap
(peak hands on head)
This is the way she folds her hands
(fold hands)
And puts them in her lap.
(place in lap)

Grandfather's Glasses

These are grandfather's glasses
(make glasses over eyes)
This is grandfather's cap
(flat hand on head)
This is the way he folds his arms
(cross arms on chest)
And sits there just like that.
(look straight ahead)

Look Look

Look up look down
Look all around
Look here, look there
Look everywhere


I Like To See

Have the chidren draw something they like to see (flowers, balloons, butterfly...). After the picture is finished an adult writes at the top "I Like To See _________". Fill in the blank with the object the child drew.

*Tips & Tricks

Children resist blindfolds and they are not sanitary. Alternatives are closing eyes and covering them with hands, using a screen, having children turn their heads, or using a sleepmask with a fresh tissue covering for each child.



Like to Smell Collage

Using magazines have children cut out and make a collage of things they like to smell.

*Learning Centers

Sniff and Smell

1) Place smelling jars on the science table. Have two sets of smelling bottles filled with distinctive odors for the children to match. For the jars you can use spice bottles(plastic). Just cover the bottles with paper so that the children can not see into the bottles. Cottonballs inside the jars will prevent spills but still allow sniffing.

2) Have a child smell each scent and let him/her guess which scent it is. Then, mix the order of the jars and see how many scents he/she can identify. Contributed By: Tara T.

Adults: You may want to put a piece of tape on the bottom of the jar with the name of the scent on it. If you have to keep sniffing the jars throughout the day you could get one giant headache. Fake sniff the jar and glance at the name on the bottom to name the scent.

Smells to include: cloves. peppermint, coffee, cinnamon, garlic, vanilla, onions.

Scented Paints

Add a few drops of spices or extracts to your tempera paint that is used at the easel. For example, add peppermint to green paint, cinnamon to red or brown.



Need: rice (sand or seeds), boxes or paper plates.

Make shakers or rattles from boxes (or by stapling 2 paper plates face to face) filled with seeds, rice, or sand. The children can paint these. Empty hand-sized lotion bottles can be decorated with contact paper or pictures.

Need: bells and paper plates

To make tambourines use bells and paper plates or throw away pie plates. Let children paint or crayon the paper plates or glue paper or fabric scraps on the metal ones.

*Group Time

Listening Game

Choose one child to be the listener. The child should be seated on the floor or on a chair in front of the group with face turned away from the group. Point to another child in the group who will become the mystery voice. She or he can say "Hi," or any other greeting.

Let the first child guess who the mystery voice is. If the child cannot guess correctly, let the speaker say something else. The child who is the listener gets 3 chances to guess who the mystery voice is. You may wish to use 2 telephones while playing this game.

Mystery Sound

Have the children close their eyes. Make a sound such as ringing a bell, jingling keys, clicking a pen open and shut, tapping a full water glass, etc. Let the children identify the object of the sound.

*Learning Centers

Dramatic Play

Add a alarm clock that ticks loudly to your dramatic play center.

Matching Sounds

Materials Needed:: 10 small sealable containers- I used the
colourful cylinders that mini m&ms come in.
Several different fillings - bells, noodles, bits of paper, rice, sand etc

Make a set of sound shakers for the children to match.
Children shake and listen to find the matching sounds. You can also tape on the bottom of the containers the word of what is in each container. Contributed by: Jessica.



Lick and Stick
Need: stickers that are gummed(need to be licked to stick)

Provide gummed colored stickers for children to make a "lick and stick" picture.



Feely Board
Need: posterboard, scraps of fabric (different textures of fabric), scissors, glue.

Have children glue scraps of fabric onto the posterboard to hang on the wall as a feely board in the room.

Hand Shaped Feely Board
Need: posterboard and scraps of fabric (different textures of fabric), cotton balls, glue, scissors.

Trace a childs' hand on posterboard and cut out the hand shape. Have the children glue different textures of fabric and cottonballs onto their posterboard hand.

Crayon Rubbings

Gather leaves and other objects while taking a Feeling Walk. Make a crayon rubbing by placing a sheet of thin white paper over one or more objects,rubbing the paper with the side of the crayon.

Painting Textures

Paint with tempera paint on corrugated paper, sandpaper, or foam trays.


Fingerpaint with various media: buttermilk, starch, whipped soapsuds, shaving cream. Add powdered tempera for color. Add coffee grounds, sawdust, salt, for different textures.

Thick Paint

Add flour to your tempera paint to make a thick paint.

*Group Time

Different Temperatures

Provide objects for the children to feel that have been warmed by a heating pad or cooled in a refrigerator.


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