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*Carnival Day


For a colorful display tie ballons all around the area.

Pennant Banner

Have children decorate triangle shapes of constuction paper.
Make the center pennant larger with the name of your carnival on it.
Fold top over and tape or staple to a rope.
To make the banner more festive hang a couple of ribbons between each pennant.

Need: rolls or perforated sheets of computer paper

Trace out the name in big letters on the paper. Have children decorate with markers, crayons, glitter, stickers, etc.


Bean bag toss

Guess how many jar (m&ms, jelly beans,)
"How Many Are In The Jar" form

Musical chairs

Bubble Gum Contest

Give each a piece of bubble gum. The one that blows the biggest bubble wins a prize. Each child gets to keep their gum.

Clothespin Drop

Have children paint clothes pins with bright colors.

Use a clean jar such as a peanut butter jar or coffee can (cover can edges with tape). Use a large-mouth container for younger children and a small-mouth container for older children.

Place the container on the ground. Draw a line on the ground.

Variation #1:
Give each child the same number of clothepins. The child stands at
a line and attempts to drop the clothespins in the jar. The child who gets the most in the jar wins.

Variation #2:
The child stands over the jar and drops a clothespin in the jar. Each time a clothespin lands in the jar the child takes a step backward to see how far they can move away from the jar and still toss a clothespin in the jar. The child with the larger distance wins.

A Pinata For You To Make

Parachute Toss

Need: Parachute and beach balls

Children hold the edge of the parachute. Place beach balls in the center of the parachute. Have fun lifting and snapping the parachute to throw the balls up high!


Tadpole Racers
Make a tadpole racer with a marble and foil.

Water Bucket Relay
Need: cups and 3 water buckets.

Place the three buckets in a row with the one in the middle containing water.

(line of children)---------------- buckets ------------------(line of children)

Each team lines up. The first person in each line fills a cup with
water then runs over to another bucket and pours the water in the

The person returns the cup to the next person in line and then
goes to the end of the line. The team with the most water in
their bucket wins.

Paper Airplanes
Fun Paper Airplanes
Make paper airplanes. Templates to print and fold.

Have a Paper Airplane Race:
Farthest-Flying Plane
All stand at the same spot and launch their paper planes when
the signal is given. The paper plane that goes the farthest wins.

Longest Flying Plane
All stand at the same spot and launch their paper planes when
the signal is given. The paper plane that flies the longest wins.


Sidewalk chalk drawings

Play Dough Table
The Best Cooked Play Dough

Spin art

Marble art
Need: pie tins

Cut construction paper to fit the pie tin. Place the paper in the pie tin, drop different colors of paint onto the paper. Place a marble on the paper and have the child tilt the pie tin to roll the marble around and through the paint to create a great art work.

Coloring and painting fun table

*Mardi Gras

The History of Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras Color Pages
Each link will open in a new window.


Mard Gras King


 Sun Costume

Mask & Beads

Mardi Gras Mini Float
Create your own parade float from tissue paper and cardboard.

Jester's Hat
Complete instructions and printable pattern for creating a Mardi Gras-inspired Jester's hat!


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