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A Summer Alphabet

Summer Alphabet Letter Color Pages
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Summer Alphabet Cover  
*Aa is for ant *Bb is for boat
*Cc is for corn on the cob *Dd is for daisy
*Ee is for exploring outside *Ff is for fishing
*Gg is for grasshopper *Hh is for hotdog
*Ii is for ice cream *Jj is for jumprope
*Kk is for skinned knees *Ll is for lemonade
*Mm is for mosquito *Nn is for nectarine
*Oo is for oar *Pp is for popsicle
*Qq is for quench your thirst *Rr is for rollerblade
*Ss is for strawberry *Tt is for tomato
*Uu is for beach umbrella *Vv is for volleyball
*Ww is for watermelon *Xx is for eXtra fun
*Yy is for yard sale *Zz is for zoo

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