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45th State (January 4, 1896), the western mountain region in the west-central U.S.


State Abbreviation: UT

Nickname: Beehive State

Origin of Name: From the Ute tribe, meaning people of the mountains.






Utah State Symbols:

Capital: Salt Lake City
Motto: Industry
Utah State Seal
Animal: Rocky Mountain Elk
Bird: California Gull
Cooking Pot: Dutch Oven
Emblem: Beehive
Fish: Bonneville Cutthroat Trout
Flower: Sego Lily
Folk Dance: Square Dance
Fossil: Allosaurus
Fruit: Cherry
Gem: Topaz
Grass: Indian Rice Grass
Insect: Honeybee
Mineral: Copper
Rock: Coal
Song: Utah, We Love Thee
Star: Dubhe
Tartan: Utah
Tree: Quaking aspen
Vegetable: Spanish Sweet Onion
Historic Vegetable: Sugar Beet

Utah State Symbols
Information Sheet
and Color Pages (pdf)


Things to Know

United States Senators from Utah.

Five major tribes have lived and continue to live in Utah:
1. Ute ; 2. Dine' (Navajo) ; 3. Paiute ; 4. Goshute ; and 5. Shoshone .

Utah is the second driest state in the nation.

Major Rivers: Colorado River, Green River

Major Lakes: Great Salt Lake , Lake Powell, Utah Lake

Famous Utahns

Brigham Young (1801 – 1877), Lead Pioneers to Utah

George Sutherland (1862 – 1942), Supreme Court Justice

Philo Farnsworth (1906 – 1971), Invented the television

Debbie Fields (1956 - ), Mrs. Fields Cookies

Things to Do

Navajo Sand Painting
A Navajo art form traditionally used my medicine men to create sacred images for healing purposes.

Need: sand, food coloring, zip-lock baggie, diluted glue, foam trays or bowls, plastic spoons, craft sticks, sand (beach or playground), construction paper.

Place sand into a zip-lock baggie with food coloring. Close bag. Vigorously shake the bag until all the sand is colored. Open the bag and spread sand out to dry. Repeat with any color desired.

Have children draw a simple picture on construction paper. When the drawing is finish use slightly diluted glue on the picture. Using a spoon, immediately sprinkle colored sand on the picture. Continue until the picture is finished.

Utah State Bird and State Flower Printable Color Page.
Before printing under File in Page Setup set margins to zero.

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Timeline of Utah history
Find some interesting events in Utah history.

History for Kids-Utah
History, games, and more.

Things To Do-Other Sites

Utah State Quarter
Read about the Utah State Quarter and print
out the color page.

Utah State Flag

Stories to Read

Utah Folktales


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