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Wyoming Flag Map

44th State (July 10, 1890)

State Abbreviation: WY

Capital: Cheyenne

Origin of name: From a Native American word meaning mountains and valleys alternating.

Motto: Equal Rights

Nickname: Big Wyoming, Equality State, Cowboy State

Gemstone: Jade

Grass: Western wheatgrass

Mammal: Bison

Reptile: Horned Toad

Song: Wyoming

Sport: Rodeo

Tree: Plains Cottonwood


Things to Know

On December 10, 1869, John Campbell, governor of the Wyoming Territory, signed the bill granting women the right to vote, the first law grant women the right to vote in U.S. history.

United States Senators from Wyoming.

Yellowstone National Park
(there are sections for children and teachers).

Ulysses S. Grant the 18th President signed the bill creating Yellowstone Park, the first national park in the United States of America and the world.

Grand Teton National Park

Teton Range
Teton range. Highest peak is the Grand Teton.

Fort Laramie
Wyoming's only National Historic Site

Devils Tower rises 1267 feet above the Belle Fourche River.

First Stories - Devil's Tower

Fossil Butte National Monument
Some of the world's best preserved fossils are found in the flat-topped ridges of southwestern Wyoming's cold sagebrush desert.

Devil's Tower
Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming

In 1906, Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President, dedicated Devils Tower as America's first national monument.

Famous People From Wyoming

William "Buffalo Bill" Cody
(1846 - 1917) Founder of Cody, Wyoming and Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in Nebraska; born in Iowa.

Nellie Tayloe Ross - 1925, the first woman governor in the nation.

Jackson Pollock
(1912 - 1956) Artist well known for his abstract paintings.

Patricia MacLachlan
(1938 - ) Author of children's books and Newberry Medal for Sarah, Plain and Tall.


Sites to See

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Wyoming State Quarter
Read about the Wyoming State Quarter and print out the color page.

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Jackson Pollock Splatter Painting

Jackson Pollock

Create your own Pollock-inspired art right on your computer screen.


Dogie means calf.

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