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Color on Paper
Need: pairs of shapes cut from construction paper, crayons or markers.

Place a shape from each pair on a table. Give each child a paper cut in a shape. Have the child go to the table and find its mate. Children then can draw on their shape papers.

Shape imagination creations

Describe and compare two- and three- dimensional shapes
Need: paper shapes of squares, circles, triangles

Give each child a cutout of a circle, a square, and a triangle. Show examples of how a circle can become a wheel or how a triangle can become a tree. Ask children to use their imaginations and create pictures by combining a variety of shapes.

Cutting Corners

Provide the children with squares, rectangles and triangles cut from such materials as construction paper, and wallpaper. Let the children use scissors to cut off all the corners. Have them glue their shapes and corners on sheets of construction paper.

Shape Mobiles
 Need: cardboard and paper shapes, crayons, scissors, yarn, tape, hole puncher.

Cut yarn into strings. Knot one end of each piece of string and tape the other to make a needle. Children can punch holes in the shapes and string them for hanging.
Children may wish to use the cardboard cutouts to trace more shapes.

*Bulletin Boards

Remembering The Shapes
Needed:: 8 or more colored (depending on how many shapes you want them to learn) pieces of construction paper. Marker --- to label the shapes and their

Cut out each shape big enough to put up around the room.
Shapes --- circle, oval, rectangle, triangle, square, diamond, heart,
octagon, etc.

Cut out the shapes from large sheets of construction paper.
Label the shapes with names such as (teddy the triangle, olivia the oval, etc)

The children will begin to recognize the shapes by the names.
Contributed by: Ms Kelly

*Group Time

Shape Sort
Need: posterboard in red, blue, yellow (can use construction paper)

From red posterboard cut out:
1 large circle, 1 medium size square, 1 small triangle.
From blue posterboard cut out:
1 large square, 1 medium sized triangle, 1 small circle.
From yellow posterboard cut out:
1 large triangle, 1 medium sized circle, 1 small square.
Mix up the shapes and lay them out on a table or on the floor. Let the children take turns sorting the shapes into piles by color, by size and then by shape.

Felt Material Shapes

A to Z Kids Stuff eBook


Trace the shapes out first and pour rice or beans inside the shape glue or staple and you got a mini bean bag shape. Contributed By: Mary

Folding Shapes
Need: Cutouts of various geometric shapes, cutouts of some shapes folded in half.

Set out all shapes on a table. Then let children examine folded shapes (ask children not to unfold them). Point out that all folded shapes have a straight line and ask children to point to one. Encourage children to match folded shapes to the complete shapes.

Circle Time Shape

Each month place tape on the circle time rug in a different shape.
One month you sit in a circle, the next month it could be a square...
Note: Masking tape children can pick at and tear. Postal tape works
better and is hard for a child to pick at and tear.


What Shape Is It?

Place objects with distinct shapes in the feely box (such as marbles, dice, pyramid, deck of cards, book, ball, button,etc). Encourage children to reach in and identify the shape of the object they are feeling before they pull it out.



The Circle

A circle, a circle, (draw in the air)
Draw it round and fat. (use index finger to draw circle in the air)
A circle, a circle, (repeat action)
Draw it for a hat. (draw a circle in the air overhead)
A circle, a circle, (repeat action)
Draw it just for me. (draw in the air)
A circle, a circle, (repeat action)
Now jump and count to three: One! Two! Three!

The Circle

A circle, a circle, (draw in the air)
Draw it round and fat. (use index finger to draw circle in the air)
A circle, a circle, (repeat action)
Draw it for a hat. (draw a circle in the air overhead)
A circle, a circle, (repeat action)
Draw it just for me. (draw in the air)
A circle, a circle, (repeat action)
Now jump and count to three: One! Two! Three!

Draw a Circle

Draw a circle, draw a circle
Made very round.
Draw a circle, draw a circle
No corners can be found.

Suzy Circle

I'm Suzy Circle.
I'm happy as can be.
I go round and round.
Can you draw me?

Circles Four
Children act out actions in the fingerplay

Draw a circle in the air.
Draw a small one, now compare.
Make one big; make one small;
Now draw a short one; now make one tall.


Circle Trees

Draw a tree with bare branches on a large piece of blue paper and attach fringed green construction paper below it for grass.
Let the children glue circles they have punched out of construction paper with a hole punch on the branches and beneath the tree.
To make an autumn scene have the children punch out red, yellow and orange circles; to make a winter scene, white circles; to make a spring scene, pink circles; to make a summer scene green circles.

Circle Round 1
Need: jar and container lids in a variety of sizes.

Invite children to draw small circles inside larger circles. Children start by tracing a large lid and then trace smaller and smaller lids inside. Encourage children to help one another find lids that fit inside other lids.

Circle Round 2
Need: paper circles in various sizes

Children can glue the circles onto the paper. They can overlap the circles to create designs.

Circle Lollipops
Need: circles cut from posterboard, various-sized precut color construction paper circles, straws.

Give each child a circle cut from posterboard. Have the children design their lollipop using various circles as decorations. These colored circles can be glued onto the posterboard circle. The handle of the Circle Lollipop is a straw stapled to the posterboard circle.
All of the Circle Lollipops could be displayed on the bulletin board by arranging them in a circular pattern. With the circles point outward and the straws pointing inward.

Purple Circle Prints
Need: circular sponges , paint(purple), newsprint.

Cut sponges into circular shapes (can have various size circles). Have each child select a circle sponge and dip the sponge into a pan of purple paint. Then child presses the sponge onto newsprint to make a Purple Circle Print. Encourage children to make a sheet full of circular patterns.

*Circle Day

Have the children bring in circular objects to display on a round table. Or they can wear clothes that contain circular designs.


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