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Wisconsin Flag Map

30th State (May 29, 1848), the midwest U.S.

State Abbreviation: WI

Capital: Madison

Origin of name: From a Native American word for the principal river of the region, which means "gathering of the waters."

Motto: Forward

Nickname: The Badger State

Wisconsin State Symbols

Wisconsin: State Seal

Animal: Badger

Bird: Robin

Beverage: Milk

Dance Polka

Dog: American Water Spaniel

Domesticated Animal: Dairy Cow

Fish: Muskellunge

Wisconsin State Symbols

Flower: Wood Violet

Fossil: Trilobite

Grain: Corn

Insect: Honeybee

Mineral: Galena

Soil: Antigo Silt Loam

Song: On Wisconsin

Tree: Sugar Maple

Wildlife: White-tailed Deer

Things to Know

United States Senators from Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin area was first settled by the French. In 1763, the region was ceded to Great Britain. In 1787 it became part of the Northwest Territory.

Wisconsin has a vast agricultural sector. Wisconsin farmers rank 2nd in the United States in the production of milk and butter, and first in cheese. Because of the high production of cheese produced in Wisconsin, it has led to the nickname of “The Cheese State.”

The nickname "Badger State" is not named after the animal but instead refers to the nickname given to miners in the state. In the 1800s, miners dug tunnels into hillsides searching for lead. Instead of buidling homes the miners lived in caves, reminding people of badgers. The miners described the caves as badger dens.

Major Rivers: Wisconsin River, Mississippi River
Lakes - Lake Michigan, Lake Superior

Famous Wisconsinites

James Madison, U.S. president the capital was named for.

Carol Ryrie Brink, author
The book, Caddie Woodlawn, won the 1935 Newbery Award for children's literature.

Frank Lloyd Wright, architect (1867-1959)
--Frank Lloyd Wright's son John Lloyd Wright invented Lincoln Logs in 1918.

Georgia O'Keefe, artist, best know for her paintings of large flowers.

Caddie Woodlawn by Carol Ryrie Brink

Laura Ingalls Wilder, author (1867-1957)
Laura Elizabeth Ingalls was born just outside of Pepin, Wisconsin in 1867. Wisconsin is the setting for the book "Little House in the Big Woods."

Dr. Kate Newcomb, physician (1886 - 1956)


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The Sinking of the Lucerne
Investigate the sinking of the Lucerne in your classroom.

The Fox River is one of the few rivers in the United States that flows north.
A river will take the path of least resistance and flow downhill. This path can be south and just as likely can be north, west, or east, or any combination of directions. Rivers Only Flow Downhill


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