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Room Decoration

Family Banner

Need: pictures, glue, construction paper

This is an activity that the children do with their parents. It is a great way to get parents involved. You will be surprised to see how much involvement you will get. Also you will be amazed at how creative some of them can be!

Send a letter home telling them that you are learning about families. You will also need to send a large piece of construction paper. Ask them to make a family banner of their families. Some of them will simply glue on pictures, some will add art work, glue on additions or cut their banners to be another shape. (maybe a family tree) Let them decide. All of my parents really enjoyed this and a lot of them said that it was "their homework."

Display them on a bulletin board for everyone to view. It is a great way to make little ones feel more secure when they see pictures of their families at school. Contributed By: Linda Young

Family Mobile-1

Use a picture of an item (ex. heart) to represent each member of the family. Decorate heart. Paste a picture of a member on each heart. Make a hole at top. Attach from a tree branch hanging from the ceiling.Contributed By: Suzanne Marchand-Niles

Family Mobile-2

Have each child draw a head, body, arms and legs to represent himself. (you can place a mirror in front to help). Cut each piece individually. Pierce hole in piece. Join pieces together with wool or string. Hang from tree branch. The family members will move when there is movement or a breeze. Have child imitate the movement. Contributed By: Suzanne Marchand-Niles

Family Pictures

Ask each child to bring in a family picture. Label each child's picture and place on a special bulletin board with the caption, "Our Families."

How many people are in your family?

Print each child's name on a piece of tagboard. Then cut people figures. Laminate the name cards and people. Staple the name cards to a bulletin board. Individually, the children can affix the people in their family next to their name. Label the bulletin board, "How many people are in your family?"

Where I Live

Put up a simple map of your area. If most of the children live within a close radius, insert a bulletin board pin and a name tag at the place each child's home is located


Family Collage

Children can cut out pictures of people from magazines. The pictures can be pasted on a sheet of construction paper to make a college.


I Love My Family

Some families are large.
(spread arms out wide)
Some families are small.
(bring arms close together)
But I love my family
(cross arms over chest)
Best of all!



Families-Biggest to Smallest

Cut out from magazines several members of a family. The children can place the members from largest to smallest, and then smallest to largest.

Family Member Chart

Graph the number of family members for each child's family in the classroom.

Peek-a-Boo Families
Need: tagboard and photocopies of photographs

Make peek-a-boo cards by gluing photocopies to tagboard. Glue the edges of another piece of tagboard (with small window flaps cut in it) to the one edge of the first. Invite children to open windows and guess what's hidden.


Tape different sounds from around the house that families hear daily, such as a crying baby, brushing teeth, telephone ringing, toilet flushing, doorbell ringing, water running, alarm clock, etc. Play the tape for the children to identify the correct sound.

Feely Box

Place objects pertaining to a family into a box. Include items such as a baby rattle, a toothbrush, a comb, a baby bottle, etc. The children feel the objects in the box and try to identify them.


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