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January: Alphabet, Colors, Dinosaurs, Circus, Me, Family, Friends, 5 Senses, Number 6, Shape Rectangle 

February: A, Red, Pink, Dental Health, Groundhog's Day, Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, President's Day, Number 7, Shape Heart

March: B, C, Green, Bears, Butterflies, Caterpillars, Nutrition, Doll Festival (Japan), St. Patrick's Day, Number 8, Shape Diamond

April: D, E, Pastels, Earth Day (A Wise Old Owl rhyme), Weather, Spring, Rain, Rainforest, Number 9, Shape Oval

May: F, G, Yellow, Farm, Frog, Garden, Mother's Day, Cinco de Mayo, Boy's Day (Japan), Numbers 10, 11, 12, Shapes

June: H, I, Orange, Community Helpers, Insects, Father's Day

July: J, K, L, Red, White, Blue, Flags, Independence Day, Summer

August: M, N, O, Blue, Ocean, Camping

September: P, Q, R, Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Pets (dog), Royalty (Humpty Dumpty rhyme), Autumn, Numbers: 0, 1(Hickory, dickory, dock rhyme), 2, Shape Circle

October: S, T, Black, Orange, Apples, Space (The man in the moon rhyme), Transportation, Pumpkins, Halloween,  Number 3, Shape Square

November: U, V, W, Brown ("Brown Bear, Brown Bear,What Do You See?" Activities), Zoo Animals, Thanksgiving, Pets (cat), Number 4, Shape Triangle

December: X, Y, Z, Silver, Gold, Red, Green, Blue, White, Winter, Shape Star (Twinkle, twinkle, little star rhyme), Festivals Around the World (Christmas, Christmas in Germany, Christmas in Mexico, Christmas in Sweden), Gingerbread Man, Reindeer, Number 5


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